Source Code MS VB6 dan Desktop

Hai :D

Kalo sebelumnya ane udah posting Source Code VB6 yang berhubungan dengan Database,
Kali ini ane mau shae yang  berhubungan dengan desktop.

Seperti biasa, ane gak panjang lebar Silahkan aja pilih .. :D

 You must have seen the default MS Office Toolbar which is basically shortcut for Office products. This project shows you how to do the same in Visual Basic
This project is basically about getting current mouse pointer co-ordinates and setting them as desired.
This project shows you working concept of Screen Saver including command line arguments.
This project shows all the tasks (active) running in your Windows and lets you switch among them.
This project shows you how to install advance level tool tips like the one you see in a program with its own window and a checkbox to disable/enable it.
This project shows you list of active tasks with much more information like window stat, size, title etc
This small project shows you how to install tool tips in your program.
This project shows you another way to install tool tips in your program.
This code allow you to set Windows start button size, position, and picture.
 This example will show you how to add floating toolbar to your application.
 Create many type of skins to your application, and let the user choose for a skin (Like in WinAmp).
Get all the processes that currently running on your computer.
Implement Toolbar like VB Toolbox, that you can dock and hide.
This application will zoom the area that found under the mouse cursor. Has also a grid to show each pixel placement.
This class module encapsulates a number of API functions to allow you to create customized tool tips for any control. You can customize the tool tip by setting its background and foreground colors, the delay time and visible time, whether or not the tool tip is centered, and whether or not it appears as a balloon.
Magnify the area of screen that found under the mouse cursor.
Rich Text Box print preview.
Imitate the OutLook Express 97 vertical menu.
Calendar, allow the user to choose date.
imitate the Windows 95 "Curves and Colors" Screen Saver. You cannot run the screen saver from VB. To run it you should copy it to your Windows directory.

Terimakasih kawan udah mau mampir di blog kumuh ini :D

Sekian, wassalamualaikum wr .wb

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